I first became interested in magic at the age of 14 through active participation in professional shows, studying the history and careers of pioneers in magic so that became self-motivated to stick it for all my life. The philosophy behind my job selection has always been the smiles of audience at different ages in general and the joy of the kids in particular.

I should thank all my high school mates and helpful instructors who played the most important role in my success through their encourage and support from the beginning of my magic performance.

Since then I have taken part in creating fun, entertainment for various levels of individuals and entities in the society until my appearance in national T.V. shows of the last decade which is still unscreens now and then.

Now after 25 years of performance, I am confident that the most significant motivation/ in my business life which incentive has been the most valuable reward to me when noticed unity of couples and putting them closer in private or public events.

My overseas performance started in the middle of 90`s and the feedback of the audience having their own cultural and social values helped me a lot to find out the universality of the magicians` language.

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